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Prey’s ultra graphics mod makes mimics all too convincing

Prey GLOO Cannon

Prey is already quite a pretty game, but in case those mimic jump scares weren’t scary enough, think how they’d look with even better graphics. That’s not an empty request: a modder is working on an ultra-graphics mod for Arkane’s game, which will bring improvements across all its visuals.

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Modder jmx777 is currently making the Ultra Graphics Mod for Prey, which aims to improve lighting, particle effects, and draw distance. The biggest change is likely the first of those, as the mod will allow every light in the game – including the flashlight – to cast dynamic shadows, which should add a lot to the ‘atmosphere’ of Talos 1 (sorry).

The mod also allows all decals, including Gloo, blood, broken glass, and bullet holes to remain in the game until you leave the level, at which point, presumably, the level will be reset.

Of course, better graphics and more decals will impact your computer’s ability to run the game, and jmx777 noted that even on a fairly powerful machine, he was seeing fps drops, particularly in space, and in the space station’s Arboretum, so maybe beware if you’re already struggling to run Prey.

You can get hold of the mod right here, via Nexusmods.