Primordia launches. Finally humans can see how their world will burn


Wormwood Studios’ Primordia has launched into the stratosphere of the online marketplaces, allowing we mortals to buy, play, and see our fate; a fate where all the humans are gone and our world is run by a loose government of tyrannical machines, and the beings inhabiting this newly mechanised world may only interact with the environment by pointing and clicking.

Trailer, links, and more words below.

Here’s that launch trailer (again):

I really can’t resist posting it again because Primordia is wonderfully drawn.

Although Steam originally declined to include Primordia in their store, the game managed to win support of the Greenlight community and so got in through the back door.

You can buy it directly from Wadjet Eye, through Steam, or pick it up at GOG. Each have their perks. Wadjet Eye are selling a physical DVD release of the game; Steam are, well, it’s nice to have all our games in one place; and GOG have bundled the game with the soundtrack and a voiceover session with Logan Cunngham (the lad what did the narrator’s words in Bastion).

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