Prison Architect Alpha 28 declutters the interface and fixes wandering doctors

Prison Architect Alpha 28

Do you remember where you last left your doctor? A silly question it might be, but it was serious stuff inside Prison Architect; doctors would randomly wander the prison if there wasn’t an infirmary built, and get into all sorts of trouble. Don’t worry though, as in the newest Alpha 28, they’ve all been given concise instructions to wait in the delivery bay.

That’s not all though – the interface has had some quality of life improvements, there’s a new “deployment scheduler”, and they’ve finally hired some truck drivers to speed up unloading.

Introversion have been hard at work getting the interface up to a “1.0 quality” state. A new toolbar in the top left has consolidated a bunch of menus to help free up some screen real estate. The Informants list has also been condensed to free up some more space too.

A new “Deployment Scheduling” tool has been introduced, to enable players to dictate the specific itinerary of guard deployments and patrols. This will allow you to increase the presence of guards at busy periods e.g. lunch time in the canteen.

Did you know that those delivery trucks were driven by themselves? Spooky indeed, but today that ends. Introversion have hired brand new truck drivers, which drive and unload delivery trucks inside the delivery bay. However, if he befalls a horrible death or falls unconscious, or is just lazy enough to not return within the hour, the truck will bugger off without him (mysteriously driverless again), and he’ll be forced to walk home.

Speaking of the delivery bay, doctors will now use it as their default “hang out” point, if there is no infirmary present. This should resolve doctors aimlessly wandering your prisons aimlessly, until you can afford to give them a home.

We’ve got the full, unaltered patch notes on the next page!

User Interface improvements

We have begun to move various interface elements around, and improve other elements,

in an effort to bring the user interface up to Version 1.0 quality.

– New toolbar top left of screen, incorporating Todo/Research/Grading/Main Menu

– Objectives/todo window improved, incorporated into new toolbar

– Topbar “Bank Balance” tooltip now shows recent transactions

– Search box added to Rooms toolbar, and Objects toolbar. Use this to filter the list of icons.

– Greyed out items in the main toolbar now have a greyed out caption as well

– In the main toolbar, “Contraband” has been renamed to “Intelligence”

– Contraband “supply & demand” report has been moved to the “Intelligence” toolbar

– Informants list interface tweaked, should fill less of the screen

Sector targetting continued

– New toolbar button : Logistics.

Allows the user to control Food distribution and Laundry distribution.

“Jobs” button moved from Deployment to Logistics.

– Laundrettes will target all nearby cell blocks automatically.

Every cell block has at least one Laundry servicing it, and every Laundry services at least one cell block.

The system will do its best to make laundries target other sectors of the same security zone, so that prisoners can do the work.

Can manually override the targetting from the Laundry Distribution screen.

Deployment Scheduling tool

You can now change the schedule of guard deployment, and guard patrols, at any hour of the day.

Use this to place more guards in the canteen at lunch time, for example.

– Requires new unlock : Micromanagement

– Click on the timeline at any hour to cycle the current schedule. White is the base schedule.

– You can drag the current time left and right, and change the schedule at any time of the day.

– Patrol icons for guards/dogs/armed guards now enlarge when selected

Truck drivers

Many large prisons suffer from a blocked delivery lane, with materials/prisoners/food etc trapped and unusable.

To combat this, all delivery trucks now come with a driver, who will helpfully spawn when the truck stops.

He will help unload the deliveries and load garbage and exports.

The truck can’t leave until he returns.

However if he dies or falls unconcious whilst doing his job, or takes too long to return (>1 hour),

the truck will leave without him and he will be forced to walk home.

Mod changes

Direct mapping of WorldObject variables to Lua variables via Lua metatables.

Allows access and assignment of object properties without the need of complicated function calls (GetProperty/SetProperty)

All variables can now be access via object tables in Lua, such as the “this” table for the scripted object.

Eg: this.pos.x = 10

this.damage = 0

– The Needs system of a prisoner can now be accessed in lua: “this.Needs.Bowels = 1” etc

– The Status Effect systems of a prisoner can also be scripted: “this.StatusEffects.suppressed = 1”

Game Balance

– Escape tunnels now quite a bit less frequent

– Prisoners now more likely to change into a clean uniform, if one is available

– Ironing now takes twice as long

– New research : MicroManagement

Unlocks many of these newly added advanced features:

– Deployment scheduling

– Reform program manual scheduling

– Canteen logistics

– Laundry logistics

Bug fixes

– Fixed : Require at least one informant active to see throw ins determined by phone tap

– Fixed : If there is no infirmary, doctors will now hang out in the delivery area rather than wandering

the prison. This probably isn’t the fix many of you were hoping for, but this is a prison,

not a hospital. Doctors don’t randomly wander the halls searching for people to heal in prison.

– 0000140: [Control & User Interface] Some objects can be built multiple times in the same location (square) (Icepick) – resolved.

– 0007023: [Gameplay] Fridge error (Icepick) – resolved.

– 0006752: [AI & Behaviour] Multiple hearse waiting for bugged prisoner (Chris) – resolved.

– 0001311: [Other] When all laundry baskets leave the laundry, room requirements are no longer met. (Icepick) – resolved.

– 0000251: [AI & Behaviour] Guard set on a patrol route ignore people attempt to escape (Icepick) – resolved.

– 0006964: [Gameplay] All dirty laundry disappears when put into laundry basket. (lim_ak) – resolved.