Prison Architect patch 2.0 revamps UI and mods before devs move onto their next game

Prison Architect Introversion

Introversion are still showing everyone how Early Access should be done. Prison Architect got its full release – imagine it, an Early Access game, actually released – a while back, but it’s still being supported with hefty content updates that make the experience better. The developers will soon be focusing on their next venture, but nobody could ever accuse them of not doing enough here. 

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Update 2.0 will improve Prison Architect’s UI, so it should be much easier to find stuff now, which is always handy when you’re responsible for a bunch of murderers, thieves and various other criminal archetypes.

As with most of the game’s big updates, it also adds more stuff, so you’ll be dealing with food poisoning, tree fires, contraband leaks and mass tunnelling if you opt into the beta branch on Steam or wait for the full release. The full patch notes are on Steam, and there’s also the video below.

This will be the last major update, so consider the game even more finished now. Any further patches will just be bug fixes while the developers concentrate on their new game, which might be this lovely-looking thing where you explore a cave that only reveals itself as you scan it.

Prison Architect patch 2.0 does allow you to load up more mods without issue, though, so you can tweak that game yourself until your PC is prison broke.