Prison Architect sells 2 million units

Prison Architect

Prison Architect, that little indie strategy game where you build and manage prisons, has surpassed 2 million sales. Deservedly so – it’s a great game. 

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These sales have generated $25 million, according to developers Introversion.

“This year’s Steam sale was the biggest ever for us and we’re astonished to be able to announce that we’ve sold over 2M units of Prison Architect on PC/Mac/Linux and generated a little over $25M,” Introversion wrote in a press release.

“This amazing milestone comes hot on the heels of our PS4 and Xbox One launches last week and we can’t wait to find out how many console gamers are going to be bitten by the PA bug. Not bad for four mates from uni who made a little game about hacking…”

Prison Architect was originally released in premium $30 alpha back in September 2012 and was officially released on October 6, 2015. Since release, it has enjoyed regular updates, and the game has full Steam Workshop support, so you can plonk your prison on the Death Star if you want.