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To celebrate 4 million sales, Prison Architect now lets your guards search toilets

The Clink update is available now on PC, giving you new customisation options and helping stop your prisoners from escaping

Management games have always been a solid outlet for the megalomaniacs in society, letting you control the populations of anything from a hospital to an entire city. For the truly cruel among you, however, Prison Architect has let you manage the minutiae of your inmates’ lives while keeping them confined within their cells. And it turns out there are a lot of you who are fans of doing just that.

In a press release, publisher Paradox Interactive revealed that Prison Architect has now been downloaded more than four million times across PC, console, and mobile. To keep that momentum moving forward, Paradox also announced that they’ll be moving forward on development of the game with studio Double Eleven.

To get that partnership rolling, a new update to the game releases on PC today. Titled ‘The Clink’, the expansion is focused on improving your prison guards’ ability to sniff out escape attempts, using their new Tunnel Search functionality to see if toilets have a smelly escape route hidden within them.

There’ll also be new customisation options, with new floor tiles and wall types, as well as more Quick Rooms in the Quick Build menu, allowing you to put the bare bones of your prison together in a snap.

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Paradox announced that it had bought the rights to Prison Architect earlier this year, and mentioned that it might be working on more Architect games in future. The Clink update is the first in what’s hopefully set to be a good amount of new content for the game, and I’m excited to see what else can be done with the series as a whole.