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PES 2016 is getting a full roster update on October 29


Many are saying that PES 2016 is a big step up from the last game in the series, but the game's rosters are still stuck firmly in the past - 2014, to be exact.

The current rosters in PES 2016 are the same as those in PES 2015, which was released in 2014. Because that's how time works with sports games. 

Online Divisions, Team Play Lobby, Friendly Match Lobby, Online Competition and Quick Match will get Live Updates from 1st October, Konami said.

These Live Updates change the stats of "key players" depending on their weekly performance, and let you use the fully updated rosters of the team of your choice during online play.

Meanwhile, offline players have to wait for the game's first Data Pack on October 29, which will launch fully updated rosters in every mode.

Quite a few fans are angry about the lengthy wait, believeing the game's launch should have been delayed until it was feature complete. How do you feel about the wait?

Cheers, Eurogamer.

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Shriven avatarTeddy avatar
Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Not gonna comment on Konami porting the last console gen version? Or, the scumbagery of hiding the game in a Steam itself... so noone can read the crappy reviews before purchase?

Teddy Avatar
2 Years ago

Why not comment on the fact we have a ps3 or xbox360 port? Something all PC gamers should be warned about due to the false advertising of it.