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Project CARS 2 is now in full-production by the entire development team

Project CARS

Project CARS was pretty darn good, bringing the sort of big-budget racing game that oft seems to be console exclusive to PC. We’ve known for a while that a sequel is on the cards, but developer Slightly Mad has now confirmed that their entire team is working away on creating the next big thing in racing sims. 

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In a chat with us regarding the studio’s current plans, Slightly Mad said: “With the Game Of The Year Edition now launched, the team that were previously working on On Demand content have now joined the rest of the team, and are fully focused on the sequel.”

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With a full team now dedicated to Project CARS 2, there’s scope to start building the studio’s new vision. “The success of the first game solidified the future of the franchise and we’ve had a clue on where we’d like to take Project CARS 2 for a while already. With the high-level vision in place, pre-production started, and milestone plans to release detailed, we’re now full speed ahead on implementing the core pillars of the game,” they said. 

Project CARS was recently seen as an Oculus Rift VR launch game, and that seems to be just the start of Slightly Mad’s virtual reality plans. “Having seen how powerful an experience VR is with the game, it’s very much on our minds how we’re going to be taking that further,” they told us. “We always make sure there are both Innovations and Best In Class features in all our games, and how we treat virtual reality will be no different.”

Are you a Project CARS fan? What would you like to see improved or added in a sequel?

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frviana Avatar
frviana(7 days 8 hours played)
1 Year ago

#1 Keep it transparent just like PCARS have been with its fan base. Constant updates, fixes and great Oculus support.

#2 Improve the physics so it plays more real like AC and iRacing.

#3 Please, please, please, improve the exposure with Oculus. The current auto exposure makes everything washed out, without contrast and low saturation on VR.

alanmax Avatar
1 Year ago

I would like a rewind feature. It is frustrating when I get pushed off the track towards the end of the race and lose. It could be made a menu option with maybe limited uses.

Japan Dave Avatar
1 Year ago

I bought the first one, 100% underwhelmed. Zero replay value.

If PCars2 is on sale for 75% off, I just might buy it. Emphasis on the word 'might'.