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Project Eternity is in its last day, now the most funded game on Kickstarter


Today is the last day you can give your money to Obsidian to be melted down and recast as an isometric RPG in The Old Way. For now, at least – I’m deadly certain they’ll give you another chance to pay them for it once the thing’s finished.

As it stands, though, the project is already thousands of dollars past the £3.4 million mark, making it the highest funded game on Kickstarter to date. To date!

It’s by a relatively small margin – Double Fine Adventure collected £3,336,371, while Wasteland 2 mustered a still-mighty $2,933,252.

The latter is now helping to fund Project Eternity in its last stages – pledge $165 or more and you’ll get Wasteland 2 thrown in, as well as Eternity’s (currently hypothetical) expansion.

Including about $100,000 in Paypal donations – as Obsidian are – Project Eternity has passed its $3.5 million target, guaranteeing the development of “big big city 2” – a sprawling, multi-mapped metropolis a la the city of Baldur’s Gate or Athkatla from its sequel.

Which is wonderful news. Do you remember, as I do, emerging from the long dark of Irenicus’ dungeon into the culture clash wonder of Athkatla?

Obsidian’s $2.4 million stretch goal, now long passed, sees the addition of the Heart of Fury and Hardcore modes that made Icewind Dale and Fallout: New Vegas so delightfully cruel.