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Project Hospital is the prescription for your Theme Hospital nostalgia

Project Hospital

Project Hospital is a nostalgic return to the fluorescent-lit corridors of 90s hospital-management sims. Oxymoron Games announced their medical homage will be coming to Steam in 2018.

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The developers make no apologies for the game’s obvious comparisons to games like Theme Hospital, even asking if Project Hospital can “cure your nostalgia.” But while the game clearly builds on ideas first presented decades ago, Oxymoron have clearly developed on a well-loved genre.

Not content with simply asking you to run a hospital, Project Hospital allows you to build a medical empire your way. Keeping patients happy (and alive) is important, but so is keeping the power running to the Intensive Care Unit, and if your accounts start flatlining, your patients will quickly follow suit.

With that in mind, Project Hospital lets you choose whether you want to build a hospital on mountains of cash, or on medical reputation. The game boasts “hundreds of medical conditions” to diagnose and cure, but also lets you put profit before patient.

You can check out the game’s first trailer above. Project Hospital is currently due on Steam in 2018.