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Project Nimbus

Mecha anime is known for fast cuts and flashy combat. It’s the kind of visual action that videogames have long tried to replicate but only a selection have really, truly nailed. Project Nimbus is one of the latest games to step up to the challenge. 

It has you pilot a Battle Frame – ahumanoid war machine armed to the teeth with missiles, rail guns, and laser swords – in order to battle an army of opposing Battle Frames, dueling with supersonic pilots, motherships, and blowing up world-eding weapons.

The story involves a resource race the skies where humanity is forced to reside in this apocalyptic future. Turns out a great war destroyed the Earth’s surface and made it inhabitable. Escaping with the devastating technology we had left, we flew towards the stratosphere and started warring all over again. Yep, we’re dumb.

Project Nimbus was originally launched on Steam Early Access in 2014 after it had a successful Kickstarter. Its full release means that it now is complete, with the final mission of the campaign playable for the first time.

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