Project Reality v1.4 now available, with Falklands Theatre, three new maps and more

Project Reality v1.4

With its last update in April of this year, the Project Reality development team are back again with the long awaited version 1.4. This new edition adds the Falklands Theatre, various tank and jet reworks, three new maps and much more to this standalone Battlefield 2 mod.

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While some members of the PR development team have moved on to work on Squad, much of the old guard are still at work on the original mod, continually adding new content. Several new weapons like Bren L4A4 LMG and L42A1 sniper rifle, alongside new vehicles like the IAI Dagger and Sea Harrier FRS.1 are now available in Project Reality v1.4, with old maps like Gaza, Assault on Grozny and Kozelsk gaining substantial updates.

The whole changelog is available over on the official Project Reality website and the team are now planning work on PR: World War II, as well as a map pack, community based factions and further additions to current factions.

Check out the trailer above to see the update in action and if you need information on how to install the standalone mod, details are available via this in-depth installation guide.