Get fragging this weekend by winning one of 5,000 Quake Champions beta codes

quake champions beta giveaway

Could there possibly be a better way to spend your two days off than by surging through corridors, strafe-jumping across arenas and blasting your enemies into a messy pile of guts and gore? Of course not. If you’re new to Quake, let us sum up its FPS gameplay to you in three words: speed, precision, gib. Quake Champions is the latest iteration of that purest of FPS formulas and adds character stats and abilities to the mix without sacrificing the skill-based gunplay that’s long been the appeal of Quake.

Quake Champions isn’t due to release until later this year, but you can jump into the beta now by winning one of the 5,000 beta codes we’re giving away. Just in time for this weekend’s beta session, which is opening up access to all nine of the game’s formidable characters for the duration of the beta session. More good news? Once you’ve got access to the beta, you’ll be able to jump into all of the future beta sessions too.

For your chance to grab one simply pick one of the options in the widget below and follow the instruction to get your code.

To redeem the code and access the beta follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one for free here.
  • Redeem your code.
  • Download the launcher and log in.
  • Download Quake Champions and get ready for the Closed Beta weekend.

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Quake Champions beta key giveaway