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B.J. Blazkowicz comes to Quake Champions - the beta is now available 24/7

Quake Champions Blazkowicz

Wolftenstein’s B.J. Blazkowicz is the next Quake Champions character. He comes with a unique dual-wield ability that will almost certainly bring rage to any purists left. He was announced alongside a host of new weapons and features, plus the $1 million world championships starting at this year’s QuakeCon.

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Along with the angry anti-Nazi one, the E3 2017 update also brings these things to the Quake Champions Closed Beta:

  • Three new maps
    • Lockbox added – a new Ithagnal themed arena for Sacrifice, Team Deathmatch, and Deathmatch
    • Blood Run added – a new Volkerh themed Duel arena
    • Corrupted Keep added – a new Goroth themed Duel arena
  • A Tribolt weapon
    • “The Tri-Bolt fires three bolts armed with timed explosives. Each bolt fires in quick succession, allowing the user to concentrate or spread the fire as needed.”
  • The beta is now available 24/7 – no more downtime.

Full patch notes are available over on the official site.