Play Quake Champions in open beta, starting May 12 (or watch streams as NDA drops)

Quake Champions beta

We’re about to get our first public verdicts on Quake Champions, the latest in the esteemed Quake franchise of arena shooters. Publishers Bethesda are launching a ‘large scale tech test’ at the end of this week – which sounds like it’s basically an open beta to us – and it’ll all be available to stream.

Who are you going to frag first? Here are all the Quake Champions characters.

Quake Champions is currently in closed beta, with footage protected by a non-disclosure agreement (though you can check out our own impressions here). Bethesda are dropping that NDA on May 12, which is when the new tech test goes live. It’ll run until May 21, and it’ll be open for streaming, capturing, and public discussion in its entirety.

In keeping with the ‘large scale’ bit of its name, it’s open to all – you just need to sign up at the website, and unlike the closed beta, you’ll get an access code right away: “no wondering if you’re going to get a code,” say Bethesda.

You’ll then be able to download and play the current build, which features an all-new game mode: Sacrifice. Sacrifice is a 4v4 competitive game, in which you must pick your champions wisesly and work with your teammates to dominate the Arena.

Here’s the announcement from Bethesda.