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Quake Champions is coming to Steam

Quake Champions beta

Despite the beta being ran exclusively through the Bethesda.net app, Quake Champions’ full release will be distributed through Steam for those players who want it. It will still require a linked account, but not the Bethesda.net app itself.

Here are all the Quake Champions characters revealed so far.

The news came via a developer Q&A, explaining that only the current beta will be exclusive to Beth’s software. This matches up with Bethesda’s various E3 announcements (Wolf 2, Death of the Outsider, and so on) being listed on Steam.

Elsewhere in the same Q&A are promises of improved network code, as the team’s current highest priority, and incoming fixes for frequent disconnects. They also talk through the introduction of Wolfenstein’s B.J. and the potential rebalances for other characters as well. Much more in the full thing, so have a read.