Quantum Break developers Remedy will incorporate multiplayer into future games

Quantum Break PC

Remedy have always been known as a studio that puts story first, prioritised right alongside slick gun combat and stylish slow-mo. While that focus isn’t likely to change, it seems the studio is looking to diversify, working multiplayer functionality into their proprietary game engine, Northlight. 

Can you imagine a world where there’s a Remedy title in our best multiplayers games list? 

It seems Remedy are diversifying to make themselves more appealing to the big publishers, essentially being an indie studio and everything. It makes sense as a business move, giving their games more long term appeal, at least in the eyes of the money men.

“As an independent studio in the highly competitive games business, it is crucial to constantly evaluate and define our direction,” Remedy said in an update on their site. “We want to keep doing and improving on what we do best: exciting stories, memorable characters, believable worlds and cinematic action.

“Single-player experience has always been an important focus for us. At the same time, we want to challenge ourselves to find ways to also expand these elements to include cooperative multiplayer.

“We will always strive to be the best storytellers we possibly can, and we want these stories to be shared and elevated through players’ cooperation. We believe that a multiplayer experience combined with Remedy’s unique world-building provides an exceptional environment for that.”

From the sound of it, Remedy are still planning to do what they do, but they’ll be making a co-op game at some point in the near future. Remedy’s brand of third-person action and intriguing storylines would certainly work for that, so long as they don’t make you both watch an episode of a TV show between shootouts.

To implement this tech,Remedy have opened a position for a lead network programmer, a position that will be at the centre of developing and shaping the multiplayer technology and features of Northlight.