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Get down with the sickness in Quarantine - from publishers of Terraria and Payday 2

Quarantine Sproing 505 Games Announcement

505 Games, the publisher responsible for Terraria and Payday 2, has announced a new turn-based strategy game based around the concept of disease control. Quarantine will task the player with identifying and containing a disease capable of destroying the human race, all the while having to recruit and manage a team of specialists.

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As the director of an international biosecurity agency, you will control a pandemic defense team as you compete against a deadly pathogen in a race against time. This is done through the recruitment of agents such as medics, scientists, diplomats, and security experts, who can be sent all over the World to set up and run research facilities and field bases. Quarantine will be played in turns, forcing you to make every move count as the AI infects new sites and spawns catastrophic events.

Given the authentic real-world setting and somewhat branching nature of the gameplay, Quarantine looks set to have a decent amount of replayability. Tech trees, multiple difficulty modes, four different world leaders and several different types of disease should ensure that you can get your money’s worth.

Quarantine will go into early access on February 9. Put on your hazmat suit head over to the Steam page and for more details.