How to get the Raft Temperance code

Join us as we explain exactly where to find the Raft Temperance code so you can unearth the island's mystery and move onto the next one

Raft Temperance Code: a snowy landscape featuring three dome-shaped buildings

The Raft Temperance code is required if you want to stand any chance of getting off this snowy island and making it to your final destination. Our Utopia walkthrough will come in handy when you get there so make sure you bookmark it now to get through the final stretch of this survival game, but until then, you need to find the code.

If you’ve not made it to Temperance yet, then you’ll need to find the code for that in Varuna Point, inside the lower building after you use the large crane to create an opening by throwing a boulder. Use a zip line to the smaller island, which has the co-ordinates for Temperance on a desk in one of the lower rooms. Now it’s time to hop back aboard your Raft and sail for Temperance, then look for the Raft Temperance code at the end of the island.

Raft Temperance code: a shot of the Selene research facility from outside, with a small hut in front

Temperance code location

Fair warning: it will take some time to clear Temperance island. We have an entire Raft Temperance walkthrough that will guide you through this place step-by-step, but here are the cliff notes of things you’ll need to get through Temperance:

  • Use the snowmobiles that are parked everywhere around the Temperance (inside the small shacks).
  • Collect electrical cables from the radio towers across the island. Once you find the Igloo Village, use the cables to connect the igloos to the power source. This will give you access to the blowtorch in the larger igloo.
  • See the large building that looks an awful lot like R2-D2? The door is locked, but you’ll trigger a landslide by approaching the building. Instead, go down the tunnel, and then swim through the water to find an alternative way to get inside. You don’t need diving equipment (the tunnel isn’t that long), but watch out for the dangerous glow fish. To get the safe code puzzle, use the nearby screen (count the number of stars in the constellations, that’s the code).
  • Finally, go to the Selene Research Facility and use the blowtorch and Selene Key to get inside. Walk down the stairs and equip one of the Hazmat Suits from the closet to your right, then head to Laboratory 2. Enter the codes displayed on the wall on the corresponding computer. After this, you need to solve the laser puzzles (use the mirrors) to collect the Reactor Key.

And that’s it! Open the Reactor Room to find the Utopia coordinates, the Electric Smelter blueprint, and a new playable character: Shogo. Off to Utopia then! Looking for a different type of indie experience? Check out our list of the best indie games to find something unique to play. If you want to unlock new people for your crew, read our Raft characters guide to get some more.