Rage mod toolset available today on Steam: 35Gb(!) download


The tools that id used to build Rage are to be released on Steam today. “Finally,” says id head John Carmark. But the release comes with some big caveats. The toolset is absolutely enormous, and don’t expect to be cranking out new levels any time soon.

On Twitter, Carmack has explained a little bit of the problems mod makers will face. “The toolkit release is not something that we consider consumer friendly, but it does let you get a look inside the construction process.”

Id Tech 5 uses “megatextures” to allow artists to directly ‘paint’ the 3D models of the levels wish as much care and detail as they care to use. But that comes with a cost to map makers, says Carmack. “Doing significant work will require patience, because internally we use a 300 core renderfarm for megatexture creation.”

You can download the toolkit from Steam. Help docs are available on the Bethesda blog.