RaiderZ gets its first expansion: Broken Silence


Oh dear. I’m afraid the Grand Wall of Silence has fallen and the Kingdom of Rendel face a new threat from the north. It’s always The North, isn’t it? I should know – I live there. Nary an afternoon goes by without me howling a threatening declamation toward the softer, southern corners of England. What are we like?

This time we northerners form the backbone of RaiderZ’s first expansion, Broken Silence, made up of “a wealth of new content” – rich with new zones, an updated PvP arena system, an increased level cap, and huge monsters to take apart limb-by-limb, Shadow of the Colossus style.

We’ve half a score of screenshots below the break, if you’d care to see them.

Those bads really are on the screen-splitting end of the scale, aren’t they?

Thanks, Massively.