RaiderZ open beta launch dated, let preparations for the big game hunting season commence


Bringing the essence of the Monster Hunter series across from the consoles, RaiderZ has you fighting colossal bosses in frenetic, hour long, duels. Is it all hyperbole? You’ll be able to find ot for yourself from 24 October.

Details on how to get the game after the break.

Entry is a simple matter of creating an account here, downloading the client here(after it launches on 24 October), and hopping into the game.

From the video above you can see combat’s more hands-on than the laying back and pressinghot keysmelee of World of Warcraft. Unlike most MMOs, hits are determined by whether the attack actually connects with the enemy. You can’t simply target the foe and walk away, you need to be engaged.

So, start sharpening your blades.