Rain World trailer reveals slugcat’s memory map

Rain World

The grim and drizzly Rain World is progressing nicely, and a new seven-minute trailer shows off some of the latest additions to the Kickstarted atmospheric survival game: a map and a ‘food UI’.

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Playing as slugcat, you’ll need to work your way around the industrial world in search of safety and the things you’ll need to survive. The map system is not just a mini-map or press-Esc-to-access screen. Instead it’s a mechanic designed to reflect slugcat’s memory, and as such you’ll need to have the feline find a safe place to hide and concentrate in order to bring up a map.

The food UI is designed to indicate what slugcat’s needs are. These dots and circles appear over slugcat’s head when he’s inactive, with the dots showing how much food has been consumed, and the circles showing how much can be eaten. A line indicates the minimum amount needed to eat before hibernation.

There’s no indication from developer James Primate when Rain World will be released, but the latest Kickstarter update indicates that he’s about to go down the “final stretch”, indicating that its not too far away.

Thanks, PC Gamer.