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Rainbow Six Siege just destroyed everything we knew about Capitao’s eye patch

There's more to this story than meets the - oh

Capitao is an operator in Rainbow Six Siege, and he has an eye patch. We’ve always made the obvious assumption that meant he’d lost an eye. But to pull a Morpheus – what if I told you that Capitao actually does have both eyes? I could say that, and be partly right, but much like that apocryphal line from the Matrix, nothing we seem to remember about Capitao is true.

Siege’s Quay bundle for Capitao outfits him with the Mellow Out headgear, which gives him a beach-appropriate hat and a pair of sunglasses. Naturally, one lens in those glasses is blacked out. But, as players on Reddit quickly noted, Capitao’s eye is completely visible under the darkened side of the glasses.

At this point, we’ve got enough evidence to say that Capitao’s eye patch is a fake. But what if he’s just gotten a glass eye? After all, his Tortured skin shows a blood-soaked bandage over the eye. His Cadaver look shows the injured eye in fairly alarming detail.

But look more closely at the Cadaver head, and all those scars. Scars which the Mellow Out head does not have.

Is this skin meant to come from before he lost the eye? It doesn’t look the right age for that. Did Capitao get reconstructive surgery? Does his eye exist in a quantum superposition? Will we ever get answers to these questions? Will I leave this story on the same sort of maddeningly inconclusive question that Capitao’s new skin has left in my mind?