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Fancy a spot of Clancy? Win Rainbow Six: Siege beta keys for you and four fellow swatters

Rainbow Six: Siege

No one man can SWAT alone, even kitted out in the finest dress-kevlar. It takes a team of like-minded individuals and a handful of walkie talkies to breach and clear the way Tom Clancy intended. Win in our Rainbow Six: Siege competition and we’ll give you enough keys to fill up a whole side in Ubisoft’s team shooter.

We’re offering a code for you, plus four extras to disseminate as you see fit between your FPS-competent friends. There’ll be a thousand winners – picked at random via the widget below.

As in the plasterboard-blasting game, you can vastly improve your own chances with a bit of prep: like the PCGamesN Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or add us as a curator on Steam, and you’ll have a better shot at getting in the beta.

You’ll need to supply an email address, so that we can fire your keys over if you win. But it won’t be used for anything else, so the sanctity of your inbox can remain undisturbed.

Code in hand, you’ll want to pop over to Rainbow Six beta site, tap the ‘Redeem your guaranteed access code’ button, and select PC. You’ll then receive email confirmation from Ubi.

The competition will run from now til next Thursday, when closed beta begins. Best grab hammer and nails and get ready.

Rainbow Six beta