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Rainbow Six: Siege beta keys are being awarded for using the ‘Art of Siege’ training site

Rainbow Six Siege operator system

Ubisoft are holding a closed beta for Rainbow Six: Siege this month. Not got a key? Well, if you prove yourself a worthy combat operative, Ubisoft will give you one. You just need to earn enough stars in the ‘Art of Siege’ training program first. 

Art of Siege is an interactive training… thing… that Ubisoft have put together to teach potential players how to make the most of Rainbow Six’s tools and methods. It runs through missions and asks questions against the clock at pivotal moments. Select the correct tactic, and you’ll progress through the program. Success is rewarded with stars, and earn enough stars and you’ll be granted access to the closed beta, which runs from September 24th.

When the beta goes live, Art of Siege will be updated with a ‘Wall of Tactics’ area, where players can record videos of their actions in-game, and the community can vote on which tactics they think are the best.

Rainbow Six: Siege will be released on December 1st.