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Blood Orchid hits Rainbow Six Siege tomorrow, and Ubisoft are celebrating with a new trailer

rainbow six siege blood orchid

The Blood Orchid update for Rainbow Six Siege is almost out and so Ubisoft have provided a stylish new trailer to celebrate tomorrow’s launch. Each of the three new operators get a chance to shine in the video, showing off their gadgets on the new Hong Kong Theme Park map.

For a far more detailed look, here’s everything we know about Blood Orchid.

All players will have access to the new map tomorrow, but only Year 2 Pass owners will have access to the new operatives. It’ll be another week before they become available through the in-game store, but at least that’ll give you some time to grind out the renown you’ll need to buy them.

The new operatives include Lesion, who’s built to slow down enemy pushes through Gu mines that fire toxic darts and close range weaponry. Ying is an attacker, and her Candel flash charges act as a non-lethal alternative to Fuze’s Cluster Charge, blinding the opposing team while leaving hostages unharmed. Ela’s Grzmot mines serve as easily hidden concussion charges, and her handgun comes equipped with a red dot sight making it a uniquely useful sidearm.

Ubisoft promise that Blood Orchid will be the biggest update Siege has seen yet, and in addition to the new content hundreds of bug fixes, visual optimisations, and balance changes are on the way. One update that’s been making waves is the removal of random recoil, ensuring that every weapon has a predictable kickback pattern. Ubisoft announced that change at PAX West, but it’s coming a little further down the line and won’t be a part of Season 3.