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Rainbow Six Siege’s latest test server update nerfs Blitz even further

rainbow six siege chimera blitz buff

Update, February 23: The latest test server patch gives nerfs to Blitz and Finka, and makes Outbreak a bit tougher.

The Rainbow Six Siege test server currently offers an early look at the new features of Operation Chimera, as well as some balance changes for existing operators. Some of the biggest changes involved a major buff for Blitz, but after some early feedback the developers are pulling back on his power.

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As already confirmed, Blitz’s speed buff was overpowered due to a glitch, and the end result of the new change has his speed increase reduced by half. In addition to that, Blitz will have his hip fire accuracy reduced in the new test server patch, on top of the existing reduction to armour.

“After playing a faster version of Blitz,” the developers say on Reddit, “we felt like it made more sense with his playstyle and expected that it would help make him a more popular choice. But the feedback we have been seeing from the TS build made it clear: his new speed made him frustrating to play against.”

Finka will also see a reduction to the resistance she can provide against stun grenades, with length going from 30% to 50% and intensity going from 50% to 100%.

Outbreak is getting a boost to difficulty, with a handful of changes making the PvE a bit more challenging.

  • Grunt damage increased in Pandemic
    • 8 Damage to 3 Armor
    • 10 Damage to 2 Armor
    • 12 Damage to 1 Armor
  • Doc now has 2 Stim Pistol rounds instead of 3
  • Apex has 2000HP in Pandemic (Up from 1800HP)
  • When in Bloodlust, Rooter will reappear more often

Original story, February 20:As announced in the latest patch notes, the latest update for Siege is supposed to make Blitz faster – but not this much faster. Since hitting test servers, players have noted that the operator has been moving at blazing speeds, and Ubisoft have confirmed that the change wasn’t supposed to be so extreme.

Community developer Justin Kruger says on Reddit that following player reports they “have found a data error that made him faster than initially intended. There is a mobility modifier for all shields that reduces the operator speed, and this was not active for Blitz at the launch of the Test Server. This will be fixed.”

In concrete terms, this means the increase to Blitz’s speed will be reduced by “almost half.” His base quickness will remain rated at two speed, which will then be reduced by his shield. The correction is set to make the test server soon, with the team targeting tomorrow. All should be well, of course, by the time Operation Chimera hits the live game.

That’s not the only adjustment in line for Blitz, either. “Regarding the reports where Blitz can fire his pistol before the sprint animation is over, this is only viewable from first person and cannot be exploited. When in 3rd person Blitz will be exposed as normal when hip-firing his weapon, but the animation is more present due to the hand repositioning. We are working on a solution for a later patch to make the gameplay match the visual better.”

Other aspects of Blitz are also under consideration for further changes based on community feedback, but the team is taking more time to analyze stats before deciding how to proceed with those.