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Rainbow Six Siege’s Fuze elite skin hides secret instructions for dealing with the hostage

Fuze the Hostage

One of Rainbow Six Siege’s elite skins comes with some interesting advice for how to deal with the hostage. Fuze’s new elite skin taps into an infamous tactic, repeatedly encouraging players to “Fuze the Hostage.”

 Rainbow Six Siege recently reached 100,000 concurrent players on Steam.

For the uninitiated, ‘Fuzing the Hostage’ involves ‘accidentally’ murdering allied units with the Russian operator’s ability. Fuze is an attacking operator who can fire cluster grenades through destructible terrain. Unfortunately, if players aren’t paying enough attention, this can regularly lead to them shredding hostages, teammates, and even themselves. So prolific was this ‘strategy’ that it quickly became a meme within the community.

To honor the sacrifices made by countless hostages over the past two years of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft have added some ‘instructions’ to Fuze’s elite skin. For a brief moment while reloading his LMG, the words “Fuze the Hostage” can be seen repeatedly scrawled on the inside of the gun’s receiver. They only pop up for a moment or two, so you’ll have to be paying attention to spot them, and even if you do, maybe you shouldn’t pay the instructions too much heed.