Goodbye Plane and House, Rainbow Six Siege is lowering the ranked map pool to just nine maps

Rainbow Six Siege Oregon

In a continued push to polish Rainbow Six Siege, the developers have chosen to make a key change to matchmaking, effective next season. Ranked matchmaking will no longer include all maps – instead, it will be limited to the nine maps currently used in the Pro League.

What’s happening in Rainbow Six Siege’s second year of content? Here’s everything we know.

The team say this is to “allow our players to hone their skills in the most competitive environment available,” emulating that experience of playing in the Pro League. There’s no mention of whether there will be changes to include both day and night variants or only one kind.

Once season 3 starts, the map pool will only consist of Bank, Clubhouse, Oregon, Kafe Dostoyevsky, Consulate, Chalet, Border, Coastline, and Skyscraper. Kanal, Hereford, University, House, Plane, and the upcoming Theme Park will be limited to casual or private games only.

Some of the maps not included in the ranked map pool will be reworked, and the team are also planning to remove some maps from the game completely later down the line, although not in season 3 (please, Ubi, leave Plane alone). Finally, the option to select map preferences has been removed for all PvP matchmaking while the team work on a better alternative.

The full announcement can be found here, expect season 3 to start around the first week of September with Operation Blood Orchid.