Rainbow Six Siege pros say the removal of mid-season reinforcements “make no sense”

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Two Rainbow Six Siege pros have responded to Ubisoft’s suggestion that they are doing away with Rainbow Six Siege’s mid-season reinforcements to help Pro League players struggling to adapt to a new meta.

Say goodbye to Rainbow Six Siege’s mid-season reinforcements.

In a Twitter DM posted to Reddit, Pengu, who plays for world championship-winning team Penta Esports, said that the assertion from Ubisoft “seems rather silly.” When asked about the changes, Pengu said that Ubisoft should maintain the current system, allowing the developers to “nerf what’s overpowered, and buff what’s underpowered,” and that he doesn’t “see any downsides to doing mid-season as long as it’s done correctly.”

In a separate post, Pengu’s teammate Fabian also commented, saying that the new system “makes no sense.” He says the combination of longer season lengths combined with new DLC additions in the middle of the season does nothing to fix the problems conjured by having mid-season in place to begin with. He also says that Ubisoft “have lost the idea of the game.”

Ubisoft say that all balance and content changes will be dealt with as part of the same season’s changes, and that the only mid-season changes will be limited to gadget tweaks. The changes came in with the introduction of Operation Chimera at the beginning of March.