Meet one of Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operators: Lesion

Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid Lesion

In the background of all the shooting, barricading, and accidental hostage ‘nading, there is a story to Rainbow Six Siege. Well, story might be a bit generous, but each operator does have a personal history – recently, the history of one of the new Operation Blood Orchid operators was revealed. Meet Lesion.

For more on Operation Blood Orchid, here’s everything we know

A member of the Hong Kong Special Duties Unit (S.D.U.), Lesion (full name Liu Tze Long) is one of the strongest operators, mentally speaking. He’s described by scriptwriter Farah Daoud-Brixi as being one of three operators to successfully undergo the extreme variant S.A.S.’ resistance to interrogation program.

I had no idea what that was, but a cursory search indicates it’s a form of training to help in the event of torture, using hooding, sleep deprivation, starving, and more. According to Wikipedia, these techniques are illegal under international laws if used in actual interrogations.

So he’s probably a bit of a hard nut. In the past, he’s worked with two S.A.S. operators, Thatcher and Smoke (together, which is weird because Thatcher and Smoke are on different teams, and Smoke is generally considered to be on the terrorist’s side, alas…).

For weapons, he wields the T-5 SMG and SIX12 SD (which looks to be a semi-automatic shotgun) as primary weapons, and the Q-929 as a secondary weapon. We should get more details on his gadget soon.

Full details on the Blood Orchid update will be coming out on August 26, at the Pro League finals – we’ll update when that happens! You can see the full Lesion reveal post right here.