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Rainbow Six Siege microtransactions “will never affect gameplay”

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Ubisoft say they aren’t “cheating anyone” with the upcoming lootbox system for Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft’s brand director Alexandre Remy defended the microtransactions in an interview with MCV.

Here’s everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak.

Remy says that while he empathises with players over the lootboxes, “at the same time I do not feel we are cheating anyone, I don’t think we are being greedy whatsoever.” He reiterated that the rewards offered in the boxes won’t impact gameplay at all, and that you won’t receive duplicates of the same items.

When creative director Xavier Marquis spoke to PCGN at the Six Invitational last weekend, he told us that the team has “specific rules” about what does and does not make it into the packs. He says “for the Outbreak packs, first it is never about gameplay. I have to say: they are only skins.” Remy went on to say that the team “will never have something affecting gameplay” in a random drop, that “it’s a souvenir gift from this event,” and that “it will change nothing to the game.”

Marquis also revealed why the packs would never drop duplicate items. The decision means that “the price is fixed,” making it cheaper to buy some specific items than in the shop. Remy says “I really hate the fact that you do not know the global cost” of full collections in other games, before stating that “the price is fixed and it will never move.”