Rainbow Six Siege reveals the German GSG 9 Unit in new trailer


The latest trailer for Rainbow Six Siege introduces us to the German GSG 9 Unit, a special forces unit that specialises in counter terrorism from the land of good sausages and even better beer. 

Considered calling in the real special forces as a prank? A swatter has just been sentenced to a year in prison.

The first operative we’re introduced to is IQ (because she’s smart, maybe?). She has a gadget that lets her scan for enemy electronic equipment. Apparently her motto is: “Some gadgets are fun. Some are deadly, but still fun to destroy.” Cool motto, sis.

Blitz is equipped with a tactical shield that has three rows of flahsbangs that detonate when fired at, allowing him to retaliate while the enemy is blinded. He likes to say, “Flashy, flashy, shooty, killy.” (He doesn’t actually say that).

The next operative is Jager, who uses a gadget called the ‘magpie’ to neutralise incoming projectiles. And the last operative, Bandit, can electrify enemy barbed wire and reinforced walls, turning them into deadly weapons against their owners.

See them all in action in the trailer and try not to wince too hard at that line about gadgets:

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