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Rainbow Six Siege’s Hong Kong operators may be named Caltrop and Dazzler

Rainbow Six Siege SAS

Update April 13, 2017: More datamining has possibly revealed the names of Rainbow Six Siege’s next two operators.

The new operators due to be added in Rainbow Six Siege’s forthcoming Hong Kong expansion will be named Caltrop and Dazzler, according to a recent datamine.

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We reported yesterday on a datamine from earlier in the week that seems to have found a few new gadgets and weapons in Rainbow Six Siege year two, season two – or in other words, the Hong Kong expansion. But the fact that Caltrop and Dazzler are now revealed to have eyes, mouths, torsos, legs and so on suggests they are human beings rather than concussion mines, and thus are the new Hong Kong operators.

At least some of the gadgets and weapons first discovered (see below) will be unique to the new operators, which has fueled speculation about how they’ll play.

Not all of it is serious though; Reddit have been having fun with Dazzler’s name, with MrLotionHands theorisinghe will be able to “dazzle” enemies with a dance ability, dirtydanisreal channelling Michael Sembello with the suggestion“he’s a steel-toed boy on a special ops squad looking for the fight of his life”, and ShutThatBabyUp requesting the next operator be named “Stiffler”. Excellent work, everyone.

The Hong Kong expansion is due in May.

Original story April 12, 2017:Season 2 of Rainbow Six Siege is imminent, so obviously people are uncovering some of the incoming changes via datamining. This is the internet, after all.

Now if you’re the type of person who considers loot, guns, and character tweaks to be spoilers, look away now. If not, here’s what Reddit has dug up:

  • QBZ 95 assault rifle
  • Concussion mine
  • Valkyrie, Smoke, and Glaz Pro League set
  • Capitao Elite skin
  • Kryptek Mandrake camo for Jäger, Smoke
  • Tachanka headgear
  • Mute reptile bundle
  • JS9 sub-machine gun

Check out the Reddit post above if you want to have a rifle through the files in a bit more detail. Of course, we’re just going off file names, but this should give you an idea of some upcoming tweaks.