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After two years of waiting, Rainbow Six Siege is getting 60hz servers

rainbow six siege 60 hz servers

In an update due out this week, Rainbow Six Siege is getting 60hz servers. The faster refreshing servers means games will more accurately track players movements and action – ratcheting up the tension of games even further.

Even though it was released back in 2015, Ben picked Rainbow Six Siege as the Best Game of 2017.

Ubisoft have been toying with increasing the server tick rate since early 2016, in May 2017 brand director Alexandre Remy told us how they had gotten server speeds up to 50.

That update is now coming either today or tomorrow, Ubisoft couldn’t say exactly. In a Reddit post, community manager Matt Shotcha says “Following our testing of the 60hz servers towards the end of the White Noise TTS, we were able to confirm that it is now stable enough to deploy live on all platforms with 4.1. We are excited to fulfill this promise made during Operation Health, and look forward to your feedback.”

Back out in our interview with Remy, he said “faster servers […] is obviously going to have a direct impact on hit registration. It’s going to be better and more reliable.”

Sounds like I’m going to have even less excuse for my headshots missing.