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A single-player campaign “can never exist” in Rainbow Six Siege

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Rainbow Six siege will never have a single-player campaign. In an interview at the 2018 Six Invitationals over the weekend, the game’s creative director, Xavier Marquis, told PCGamesN that a single-player game mode “can never exist in the game.”

Jordan’s been showing off, racking up hundreds of Outbreak kills as Tachanka.

When asked about the possibility of seeing a campaign for the game at some point in the future, Marquis said “no, no campaign as a real, single campaign – it can never exist in the game because that is not the purpose.” Marquis says that the team wants to focus on multiplayer, but that they do want to explore the Rainbow Six universe “by different means.”

That obviously begins with things like PvE modes like Outbreak, but Marquis says that the team are thinking about “videos and maybe comics” in future. While not in development yet, other storytelling options are being explored “because it fits perfectly with the fact that we want to secure the multiplayer.”

Elsewhere at the finals, Ubisoft mentioned that no sequel is planned to Rainbow Six Siege. Ten years’ worth of support has been planned for the game, meaning the hope is to sustain it for at least another seven years. That seems to be going reasonably well, as the active player-count is still growing, reportedly currently sitting at 27 million. There are eight new operators coming this year, with Ubisoft’s goal to eventually hit 100 playable characters. You can check a full summary of the company’s statements via Reddit.