You can test Rainbow Six Siege’s latest health patch today, here’s what’s new

rainbow six siege season 2 Operation health

‘Operation Health’ is currently underway in Rainbow Six Siege, with Ubisoft implementing a range of technical improvements to ensure the long-term stability of their tactical shooter. As part of that project, the technical test servers are re-opening later today to test the forthcoming update 2.2.1. Here’s what it’ll add.

Here’s what else is coming in Rainbow Six Siege year two.

One-Step Matchmaking

Ubisoft are adding “many new menu and online flows” to make it easier and smoother to find a game. They will also add the ability to go through menus, changing loadouts and the like, while searching for a game.


Hitboxes on all operators are getting retouched – the goal, essentially, is that hitboxes should only extend to the body, and not to pieces of equipment. So no more scoring kills from shooting a protruding canteen, or something. This should be fairer on players who like to play operators with bulky gear, and “allows for greater creative freedom for our artists when designing future operators,” say Ubisoft.

Alpha Packs

Alpha Packs will be available for public testing for the first time. You’ll be able to access their interface from the Alpha Pack icon in the main menu, and Ubisoft want your feedback – “was it fairly straightforward how they work? Did you encounter any issues (not getting Legendary gear in every Alpha Pack [as] intended)?”

Spawn Killing

“We have been working on reducing the number of places where spawn killing is possible,” say Ubisoft. Tweaks have been made to disable this on Chalet, Kanal, and Consulate, with more work still to be done.

The technical test servers go live today at 13:00 EDT (that’s 18:00 BST) and close tomorrow at 16:00 EDT (21:00 BST), so get testing. If you’re not sure how to get into the TTS, you can do so through Steam – here’s a handy Reddit threadto show you how.

You can check out Ubisoft’s announcement for yourself here. Their “current intention” is that update 2.2.1 will be applied on PC on June 6.