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Raptr is dead. No more Gaming Evolved a year after AMD ditch the app

AMD Gaming Evolved

You might not remember Raptr Gaming Evolved, but at one point in time it was probably running in the background of your Radeon-based computer. Sadly, Raptr is no more, only one year after AMD dropped official support for their app.

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AMD joined forces with Raptr to package the Gaming Evolved app as an extra feature of the Catalyst graphics card drivers. This partnership was supposedly AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, but for the most part it was pre-destined for the recycle bin. AMD dropped their official partnership with Raptr one year ago, instead opting to import popular features into their own Crimson ReLive software.

By offering game optimisations and video recording features, Raptr Gaming Evolved wasn’t such a bad idea at its core. The app featured a rewards system with achievements, and massive social aspects, which were pretty hit or miss with PC gamers and similar in many ways to offerings from Steam, which has the added benefit of being the largest gaming platform for PC. Unifying multiple features across gaming consoles and PC was a pretty great feature. It’s just a shame that these features were never much use due to their reliance on the untouched social aspects of the app. Raptr required a large social presence to make it worthwhile, which it just didn’t have.

AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive settings

It has been a sad story for Raptr and their gaming evolved software since AMD dropped them from their driver package back in September 2016. From September 30th, 2017, just one year on from AMD’s shunning, Raptr will no longer exist. No more will we accidentally install it alongside Crimson drivers, then have to uninstall both Raptr and their video-focused sharing platform, Plays.tv. Oh, the good ol’ days…

“The world is different today than when we first launched Raptr,” Raptr co-founder and CEO Dennis Fong says. “Many companies offer game optimization tools. Having an independent platform to do this is no longer necessary.”

With AMD moving their game optimisations to the Crimson software, and Nvidia releasing Game Ready driver updates on GeForce experience regularly, there really isn’t much real-estate left for Raptr Gaming Evolved that isn’t already covered by first-party software.

Nvidia GeForce Experience

There is some good news, however, as Plays.tv is no longer under the same umbrella as Raptr Gaming Evolved, and so it will be continuing as an independent company. Rejoice! Featuring automatic gaming highlights, instant replays, and one-click sharing to social media, Plays.tv lives on.

Similarly to Raptr, however, Plays.tv faces pressure from in-house apps such as Nvidia’s ShadowPlay highlights, and AMD’s developing ReLive software. As these apps now offer another front in the battle for supremacy between AMD and Nvidia, it’s going to be a tough sell for Plays.tv to convince the gamer masses to move away from their graphics card manufacturer prescribed apps, especially in the long-term.