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Cyanide and Happiness is getting a top-down battle royale game

Rapture Rejects

The Cyanide and Happiness webcomic is getting a top-down battle royale game. The Rapture has happened (all the good people have been taken up to Heaven), and you didn’t make the cut. With only the worst of humanity left on Earth, things inevitably descend into violence. You’ll need to scavenge for weapons and kill every other person left – an act which will, apparently, impress God enough to let you into Heaven.

It’s called Rapture Rejects, and it’s made by tinyBuild. The reveal trailer is pretty funny, but it’s not clear how the popular webcomic’s notorious dark humour will actually translate into gameplay. 

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You can learn more at the Steam page, which is already live and predicts a ‘2018-ish’ release date. If you can’t wait though, you can sign up for the alpha over at the website.

Cyanide and Happiness is regularly brilliant, but of all the web comics to adapt into videogame, I’d personally have voted for Poorly Drawn Lines. That said I know there’s no way I could’ve killed Ernesto, which would’ve probably limited my performance.

Here’s the trailer, which debuted at the PC Gaming Show at E3 earlier today:

As is tradition in battle royale games at this point, you’ll face off against 100 players, and be able to customise your character. “All the Cyanide & Happiness humour” is promised.