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Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion comes to PC in Extended Edition


Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion is something you’ve likely not heard of, but it’s made waves over in the world of mobile games for being an excellent little strategy. But developer Witching Hour Studios has decided that iPads and iPhones isn’t the only home for Ravenmark, and so have brought the game to the HQ of strategy: the PC. 

The game has been updated and expanded for the PC release, with the campaign now being added to with an epilogue storyline that spans eight new scenarios. The game has also been retooled to make the most of our beefier platform, adapting features so they’ll match up to the expectations of PC players.

Publisher Slitherine will show off the PC version on their Twitch stream at 8pm CEST tonight, so tune in if you want to see the fantasy realm and it’s many kingdoms come to life on desktop.

The world of Eclisse is said to be home to a treachery, political struggles, shadow alliances and personal redemptions, so it all sounds very Game of Thrones. If battling on multiple fronts sounds your kind of thing, perhaps give the Twitch stream a look. And if you fancy buying in, then the game is 33% off on Steam until September 17th.