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Red Dead Redemption was never seriously considered for PC, says ex-dev

Red Dead Redemption

When open-world western Red Dead Redemption was in development, Rockstar never talked seriously about bringing the game to PC. So says Kris Roberts, the game’s lead multiplayer designer. During a recent Twitch stream the ex-Rockstar staffer answered questions about the project, and also revealed his surprise that GTA V made it to PC. 

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"I don't think there was ever an intention to have a PC version of Red Dead Redemption," said Roberts on his stream. "I was actually super shocked that they did a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Obviously in development, we were all PC-based and had it running for win32 clients for the entire development. But as far as the licensing for the consoles and stuff, it was pretty much always going to be a Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title. To the best of my recollection, we never even seriously talked about optimizing it for PC."

Roberts currently works at Daybreak Game Company as a vehicle design specialist for zombie survival game H1Z1. He’s not worked for Rockstar since 2010, so while a Red Dead PC port may not have been the plan during development, there’s nothing to say things have not changed since he left the company. 

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Fattox avatarMrJinxed avatarllubtoille avatarVixremento avatar[GM] SocietyX avatarAever avatar+1
llubtoille Avatar
2 Years ago

My general feelings are that as Rockstar doesn't appear to care for PC gamers, as a PC gamer I shouldn't care about their products. Or perhaps that's just me being salty.

[GM] SocietyX Avatar
2 Years ago

Wouldn't be the first time a develop who made tons on PC gamers decided it was no longer worth their time to develop for PC in chasing easier dollars on consoles. Course that's often backfired on those developers *cough* Cliffy B *cough* when they all talked up PC gaming's demise and now Steam is booming like no console ever has.

Aever Avatar
2 Years ago


Their games sell millions of copies on PC, but they constantly fail to treat it as an equal platform to the kid boxes. But we keep guying their games, keep begging them to bring them to out platform.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

I never quite understood the appeal of Rockstar's entertainment in the first place. It all seemed to be centred around the life and times of being a sociopath, and played far too straight with not even nearly enough parody involved in any of it.

I can understand Saints Row, at least. IV is almost exactly a parody of video games, including the kind of sociopaths that staff Rockstar's efforts. I'd rather play the material that's making fun of it than the source material itself, but that's just me I suppose.

Plus there is a certain... poetry to having a parody of Saints Row that runs in a simulation where no one's actually getting hurt and contains perhaps the most ludicrously non-violent gun I've ever seen in any game (the dubstep gun). I can appreciate that.

But actual GTA games? Not my cup of tea. I think I would've felt that way about RDR, too. I wish I could feel bad for those who're missing out, but I am truly just baffled at what it is that's so appealing.

Fattox Avatar
2 Years ago

I wouldn't hold my breath, but i also wouldn't care too much either. I own RDR on PS3. It was a good game, but the story got so dull towards the end that i've made it through about 75% of the way, twice, and never completed it. At least every GTA kept me entertained all the way through.

MP on RDR was alright i guess, but there's honestly a lot of better games you could wish for a port of, imo.

MrJinxed Avatar
2 Years ago

I don't agree. I thought it was a fantastic game from start to finish, and I am glad I got to play it. It is one of those iconic games that people remember, and it's a shame only the people who owned a console got to experience it.

I'd love to see it for the PC, and would definitely buy it again should it happen, but obviously that's very doubtful, though I don't understand their reasoning for not releasing it for the PC in the first place.

Vixremento Avatar
2 Years ago

I'm with you on this. I've enjoyed it twice now on my PS3 (finishing my second play through just recently) and the entire time during my last session I just couldn't help think what it would have looked and performed like on my PC (plus having KB/mouse for aiming together with switching to the 360 controller I have hooked up ala-GTA V style would have been awesome). Very few games I'd double-dip for - this however is one of them.

I guess we're more likely to get an RDR2 version on PC at some point (assuming they make one) but given how long they keep things exclusive to console (guess you can't deny that money they make) and the lack of a PC release for RDR I'd probably have more chance of finding Jeebus.

Fattox Avatar
2 Years ago

Yeah i'm fairly sure i'm in the minority, but i've had a lot of people say that it went downhill once you went to the 2nd area. That's how i felt about it also, just lost its grip on me.