Tactical FPS Ready Or Not announced via gritty teaser trailer

ready or not teaser trailer announcement void interactive

Void Interactive have just announced Ready or Not, a meticulously crafted tactical shooter, with a host of very realistic features, all wrapped around a dark, slightly dystopian setting. The announcement, which came with a pretty grim accompanying video (see above), reveals that the game has been in development since June 2016 and is already pretty extensive in terms of its features.

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Ready Or Not is a tactical first person shooter which places you in the boots of an elite SWAT team, tasked with diffusing hostile situations in intense, claustrophobic environments. It’s set in a nondescript modern America, where the income disparity between the classes has become unsustainable and the country has been plunged into havoc. It will include both single-player and multiplayer modes.

But it is the features list where Ready or Not really starts to sound interesting. Highlights include:

  • Incremental Door control system: Doors of multiple types such as sliding, swinging, and revolving doors, to be manipulated by the mouse wheel at any time.
  • Visceral gore: If players get shot, parallax bullet holes spawn on flesh and blood will then seep out into surrounding fabrics. A gory bullet hole also becomes an emitter, as individuals who knock their wounds onto objects create a small splatter, based on bone velocity.
  • Projectile dynamics: Rounds have realistic range, drag, and tumble velocity. Calibers and ammunition types affect how far and how well projectiles penetrate and exit. All rounds have the ability to ricochet based on surface materials and angle of impact.
  • Responsive damage: If a player is shot in the legs, movement is slowed down based on the level of damage. Arm damage will decrease accuracy and increase draw times. Head damage, provided it is survived, can intermittently “haze” the player’s vision.
  • Tactical analysis: All missions begin with a tactical analysis and planning phase, allowing teams to shut off power grids, blockade entrances, create or choose new entry points, and spawn unique devices including ballistic shields, heavy rams, and telescopic ladders.

Reading these features, it’s hard not to think of 2005’s somewhat underappreciated classic Swat 4, which also combined serious tactical simulation with a fleshed-out setting and atmosphere. It will be interesting to see where Void Interactive go with this, especially given that they plan to support competitive play with dedicated servers and a fully implemented squad system. For all of the finer details, click your way over to the studio’s official blog.