Realm Royale skills – ranked from worst to best

Realm Royale skills

Hi-Rez Studios is looking to make a splash in the overflowing battle royale bucket with Realm Royale, which is currently in Early Access on Steam. To do so, the studio has kitted out its game with a number of tweaks to the genre’s well-known formula. The effort makes Realm Royale feel different enough to warrant a look – and it’s already gained a loyal playerbase as a result.

Chief among those tweaks is class-based combat. There are five classes in Realm Royale, each with their own skills and playstyles, which you would do well to learn. Classes come with one default movement skill equipped from the start with room for two more that can be looted once the match begins.

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In addition to their starting skill, classes have four further abilities assigned to them, putting the total number of unique skills in the game at 25 (for now). Not all skills are created equal, however, as some are more useful than others. Here is our objectively correct ranking of the skills from worst to best.

25. Dodge roll (Hunter)

Prepare to see the Hunter class on this side of the list quite a lot. Their default movement ability, the dodge roll, is basically nothing more than a quick, single step forward. Compared to the default abilities of other classes, the dodge roll is useless as both a method of movement and an evasion tactic. Great…

24. Net shot (Warrior)

The Warrior’s net shot can slow enemies down, which sounds useful on paper. In practice, however, it’s pretty impractical. If you’re in a situation where the net shot might be effective, you’d probably be better off using heroic leap, the Warrior’s default movement skill.

23. Sensor drone (Assassin)

Battle royale games are about staying on the move and getting to the safe areas of the map. The Assassin’s sensor drone encourages the opposite. It can show the location of nearby enemies which, duh, of course there are enemies nearby – meanwhile, the circle is shrinking and you’re too busy worrying about coming out of hiding to do anything about it.

22. Proximity mine (Hunter)

Here’s yet another skill that encourages a sedentary attitude. The Hunter’s proximity mine is only useful if you’re waiting for your armour at a forge. Otherwise, it just takes up precious hotbar space. Ditch the mines and roll away, Hunter, roll away.

21. Thrust (Engineer)

Realm Royale

The Engineer’s default movement skill sends you straight up into the air, which, for all intents and purposes, might as well be a flare signaling any nearby enemies to open fire on you. Thrust would be better with some lateral movement but, as it stands, it serves as nothing more than a big ‘shoot me’ sign.

20. Blink (Assassin)

The only reason the Assassin’s default movement skill ranks higher than the Hunter’s is because you actually disappear for a split second, which gives you a small window for escaping a sticky situation. Still, it’s just a short forward movement, which is easily negated by the enemy’s ability to, y’know, see.

19. Explosive Flask (Mage)

The Mage arguably has the strongest kit in Realm Royale, but the explosive flask is not one of the reasons why. Basically a glorified net shot, the flask adds a small amount of damage to its slowing effect, but it’s so minor that you’d be better off using your basic melee attack.

18. Flare (Hunter)

Ah, Hunter, here we are again. Flare is the exact same ability as the Assassin’s sensor drone in that it allows you to detect nearby enemies. Now you know what to run away from, which is probably the Hunter’s best strategy, if we’re honest.

17. Concussion bomb (Assassin)

The Assassin’s concussion bomb is a glorified panic switch: it knocks enemies andthe Assassin backwards, putting some space between you and the enemy. It’s not terrible, but it’s not particularly useful, either.

16. Healing totem (Engineer)

Realm Royale

The Engineer’s healing totem sounds like a great ability but the healing it offers doesn’t amount to a whole lot. The map is littered with easy-to-find health potions and they’re far more effective. Sorry, Engineer, at least your intentions are noble.

15. Flask of healing (Warrior)

As above, except this one is the Warrior.

14. Shielding potion (Warrior)

If there’s a theme to the first half of this list, it’s that defensive skills are terrible in Realm Royale, and the Warrior’s shielding potion is no exception. Go find some of the armour stashed literally everywhere around the map instead.

13. Withdraw (Hunter)

Upon activating this skill, the Hunter will take a small hop backwards and enter a stealth state. The stealth effect only lasts for a moment; barely long enough to get away from trouble. When used correctly it can be useful, but if you time it wrong it’s nothing more than a step back.

12. Fire bomb (Engineer)

It’s a bomb. It ignites the surface you throw it at. Unsophisticated and wholly unremarkable. Come on, Engineer, you can do better!

11. Wall (Mage)

Perfect for trapping opponents in a small area, the Mage’s wall provides some solid zoning options.

10. Barricade (Engineer)

Realm Royale

With this skill, the Engineer deploys a shield that blocks enemy shots. This is useful both in tight corridors or out in the open – yes it’s true, the Engineer has a skill worth using!

9. Ghost walk (Assassin)

Ghost walk gives the Assassin a speed boost and a short period of invincibility, which is useful when you need to make your escape and can’t resort to stealth.

8. Ice block (Mage)

With Ice block the Mage does their best Mei impression by trapping themself inside a frozen tomb and healing a bit of HP. Good for a rest during a frantic firefight.

7. Smoke Screen (Assassin)

A very strong escape skill, smoke screen turns the Assassin invisible for a short time, allowing them to make their escape.

6. Deploy turret (Engineer)

The Engineer sets up an auto-firing turret with this fantastic skill. Great while waiting on a forge or if you need a distraction for the enemy while you flank them.

5. Blast shot (Hunter)

The blast shot explodes on impact, doing a decent amount of damage, and giving the Hunter some much-needed offensive capabilities.

4. Fireball (Mage)

Realm Royale

The Mage chucks a giant fireball that passes through enemies, burning them for considerable damage along the way. One of the most devastating attack skills in the game, fireball is a must for any mage.

3. Charge dash (Warrior)

The Warrior rushes forward and damages all enemies in their way. Useful both as an attack and evasive skill, charge dash is one of the most flexible abilities in the game.

2. Heroic leap (Warrior)

The Warrior’s default movement skill is both hugely useful and a lot of fun to use. As there is no fall damage in Realm Royale, heroic leap can be used from high ledges and hilltops to cover a huge distance. It really makes the Hunter’s dodge roll look terrible.

1. Soar (Mage)

Soar is the Mage’s default movement skill and it outpaces every other movement skill in the game. It’s just straight up flight, meaning you can chase, escape, get into the circle, and reach those elevated loot chests without breaking a sweat. Congrats, Mage, you win the Realm Royale skills challenge and, more importantly, our respect.