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ReCore gets a free 30-minute demo and a huge patch to fix many issues

Recore Demo

ReCore is one of several games that looks likely to get lost in this year’s glut of mega-releases. Good-looking and fun-giving, it floundered due to some heinous performance issues and simply coming out in one of the best years for gaming of all time. While there’s not a lot to do to solve the latter, Microsoft and developers Comcept are attempting to fix the former with a huge patch for many issues, as well as a free demo that allows anyone to try the first 30 minutes.

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The ReCore demo is available over on the Windows Store via the try for free button. It will still require the full 9.4 gig download, so make sure you’ve got the space and time, but that should mean if you decide to purchase there won’t be any further downloading required.

As for those who might have already given it a shot but were warded away by problems, this Reddit thread does a good job of summarising all the updates that have been made. Most notably, the infamous load times have improved by up to 75% on Xbox One, meaning a decent rig should move everything into more reasonable realms now.

With no Steam Spy figures to go by it’s even more difficult than usual to tell how well the game has done, but hopefully this will buoy Comcept and allow them to keep making games. They’ve certainly got a lovely style about them. Here’s ReCore in 4K to prove it: