ReCore gameplay trailer from Gamescom shows the robo-dog/adventurer combo in action


ReCore was one of the surprises of E3 this year, at least for me. I thought it looked pretty sweet, but there wasn’t a lot of focus put on it next to the other massive games that were hogging the limelight. Its got great style, and while this Gamescom gameplay trailer doesn’t give it much more time in the sun, it shows that off amazingly.

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It looks pretty fun, you know? Slight framerate hitches aside, and the fact I’ll have to buy it on the Windows 10 store, I think it could be one of those sleepers for this year. It’s out come September 13, hitting at £29.99 / $39.99. That’s pretty expensive for an untested franchise, but gambling on these things is part of the fun of capitalism. Expect to see more impressions on it before then anyway.

If you are interested, either in buying or seeing more, here’s the Windows store page.

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