Red Dead Redemption 2 modders have rebalanced law and crime

An outlaw on a horse in Red Dead Redemption 2

The way law and crime work in Red Dead Redemption 2 has got a wee rework thanks to some of the Western game's dedicated modders. If you give the new Crime and Law rebalance mod a download for yourself, you'll find that law enforcement officers are a tad more tolerant and that the witness system, minor crimes, and loadouts have been tweaked.

One of the modders explains that several minor crimes such as unarmed assault and disturbing the peace have been disabled. Lawmen are also more likely to ignore you if you commit a minor offence, so you'll need to cause some ruckus to get them off their derrières. Witnesses have also been limited to one, which should make them easier to stop. You'll additionally find that the wilderness is now lawless, so you won't have to worry about a lawman appearing out of nowhere. Mind you, the modders haven't tested out train robberies yet.

One of the changes I like the look of eliminates rider and wagon respawns, which means that if you kill all the lawmen in the town, it'll remain empty. Keep in mind, though, that law enforcement officers have more health to balance out their limited spawns – so prepare for a scrap.

Law enforcement officers will also come with different loadouts. Professional lawmen now carry pistols as their sidearms, snipers have a shotgun as their secondary, dispatched lawmen use rifles, and lawmen use more revolvers. Oh, and you can expect their guns to look more pristine now and not worn.

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You can find this one over on Nexus Mods if you fancy giving it a download. You’ll need to install Lenny’s Mod Loader to use it, but you can find everything you need to know about that at the link.

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