Don’t expect much from future Red Dead Online updates, Rockstar says

Rockstar will still deliver Red Dead Online updates, but don't expect much from them - including the game's signature themed events

It’s been a difficult time for fans waiting on a Red Dead Online update, so much so that some even held a funeral for the game to mourn its demise, and a new blog post from Rockstar suggests they may have been right to do so. While Red Dead Online updates will continue to happen, they’ll be few and far between with less content. It’s all for the same reason Rockster reportedly canned the Red Dead Redemption remaster – funneling resources into GTA 6.

GTA Online will fare much better, it seems, but you internet cowfolk aren’t left completely out in the cold. Red Dead Online will still get monthly events and a few other changes, including the rather vaguely described “changes to enhance and maintain a healthy Red Dead Online environment,” Rockstar will add new Telegram Missions later in 2022.

These come in place of the usual big themed updates, though, so it sounds like there won’t be any Halloween or winter-themed festivals this year and moving forward. It’s a shame, considering Rockstar usually went all out on these, and there’s nothing quite like celebrating spooky season

Beyond that, Rockstar said they’ll highlight the Red Dead Online community as often as possible, and that’s about it.

Fans had already steeled themselves for this day, if the fictional funeral weren’t already indication enough of that. The general reaction on ResetEra was one of disappointed resignation, with most fans lamenting the loss of what they considered the best open world design around. Others were just hopeful that the extra resources would mean seeing Grand Theft Auto 6 sometime sooner rather than later, though Rockstar hasn’t given even the slightest hint when they plan on releasing any information about the long-awaited sequel, let alone when it may launch.

If you’re after another online game to tide you over until then and you’ve had your fill of GTA Online, there’s still plenty more MMOs on PC worthy of your attention.