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Red Dead Online gets triple rewards on Tumbleweed modes this week

There are heaps of Valentines goodies, too

A cowboy in Red Dead Online taking a dead rabbit to his cart

It’s reset day in the frontier of Red Dead Online, and that means the winds of change have brought about a wave of new bonus content, discounts, and features. Players typically wrangle up these changes themselves when reset hits, but Rockstar Games also provides a handy breakdown on its newswire.

It’s a wonderful week to make some extra dosh, as this week’s Featured Showdown Series is offering triple the usual prize purse of Red Dead Online currency and gold. If you’d like to take part, head to the abandoned freehold of Tumbleweed. There’s a decent mixture of modes on offer, too, such as Shootouts, Hostile Territory, and more. Free roam bounty missions are also paying out an extra 50% on top of their usual sum.

Rockstar hasn’t entirely forgotten about Valentines Day, though. If you’re a collector, you can get an America Wildflower map and three chocolate daisies if you complete the Lovers Collection. If you’ve read the Vitalism Studies pamphlet and stockpiled enough Harrietum Officinalis to transform into a wild buck or rabbit over the next seven days, you can also get a new coat. Neato.

Red Dead Online players are also getting free fast travel this week. It’s a small benefit that goes a long way – trust me. If you fancy reading the update notes in full, you can catch them on Rockstar’s Newswire.

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