Red Dead Online’s weekly update is about finishing up Outlaw Pass 4

Here's all the goodies coming to Rockstar's cowboy game in the week's update

Things are winding down a tad in Red Dead Online this week. We’ve only got seven more days of the fourth Outlaw Pass, and, as Rockstar explains in its newswire, there’s a “brand-new set of rewards just around the corner”. It’s little surprise, then, that this week’s Red Dead Online update is about finishing out that pass.

This week you’re getting 2,000 Role XP alongside double the usual role experience points for finishing a bounty if you own the Bounty Hunter role. There’s also a 30% discount on any established or distinguished bounty hunter item. Legendary Bounties, meanwhile, are offering double the usual ability card experience points on-top of everything else. There’s no special prize for doing missions from the Prestigious Bounty License, but you’ll still pick up all the bonuses that have been applied to the other bounties.

Current pass holders are also getting a free treasure map and 5,000 experience points to help push them toward rank 100, which snags you the Morement outfit. Rockstar also says everyone will “receive a reward for a free ability card to help them thrive in the wild”.

If you’d like to see the update notes in full, you can catch them on Rockstar’s newswire.

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